The advantages of the trading market in the Kingdom and the most important tools


Muhammad bin Masoud – Dammam – Forex is one of the financial markets globally because it has great liquidity and the average volume of trading in it has reached 5 trillion dollars per day, and it is known that there are many types of trade, and every person trades in a certain thing whether it is real estate, cars or otherwise as well as Forex also, but it is a direct financial trade, which is a word for abbreviating the term “foreign exchange market” and its goal is to make a profit by trading foreign currencies, meaning that each currency has the same financial value from another country, and there are many markets that lack liquidity, but the forex market provides high liquidity It is also very active market.

Important tools for forex trading in Saudi Arabia

Technical and basic analysis of the forex market, as reading the charts helps you know how far the market has reached, and knowing the impact of the news on the market, which helps in making sound decisions in the forex, and also the most important tools in the forex market are the reports and news of currency prices, as it must be followed The news is to know everything that is new to know how to deal in forex trading, and information can be easily obtained through the Internet and your experience will increase one day from the next, the more you read about forex and know everything related to it so that you can develop a strategic plan for forex trading in a proper manner


Trading with leverage

It is one of the most well-known ways that helps increase profits, as the broker provides facilities for the investor to keep the deal for more time, but it also has advantages and also has drawbacks, as it leads to increased profit, but in one moment you can lose all your money.

What are the factors that affect the forex market?

Currency exchange rates depend on several important factors such as the economy, political stability, monetary policy of countries, the rate of demand and supply as well, and the main driver in the market depends on monetary policies, decisions of central banks, and economic data that are issued by international financial institutions and central banks in relation to total spending. unemployment and consumption rate.

Some investors expect the market situation before the institutions’ reports are published, and in the event that their expectations have increased than what was published, this leads to a decrease in the price of assets, but if it falls below their expectations, this leads to a rise in the price of assets, and the price of the currency decreases and rises according to the demand for it, meaning that every country gives A report on the price of its currency. If it is positive, the demand for it increases, so the currency will rise.

But if the news is not good, the demand for the currency decreases, and thus its price drops significantly, and investors deal with the currency even if it takes a downward slope, so the demand for it decreases and its price decreases as well. High leads to a rise in the price of its currency, and if it is low, it will be accompanied by a decrease in the currency price as well.

What to do when trading forex in Saudi Arabia

Forex trading is about buying one currency against another, and the whole thing is based only on expectations. For example, if you expect that the US dollar will strengthen against the pound sterling, you must sell the pound sterling against the US dollar, but if you expect that the pound will be weak against the US dollar, you must You have to buy British pounds against the US dollar, and the more chances you have of trading, the more accurate your predictions about the market are.

And the reasons that motivate traders to invest in the forex market

There are several reasons that may pay for this, such as that it is characterized by its low commission compared to other markets with high commissions and the ease of trading online with ease regardless of the country and that the forex market has very large liquidity unlike other markets and that its working hours are extended 24 hours during 5 days in the week.

Advantages of the forex market in Saudi Arabia

It is characterized as morefinancial marketsEase and flexibility because currencies are not traded from a specific site and it is also the most liquid market, and it is also available on the Internet for every investor and can use it with ease. It also has many important bodies such as financial institutions, local investors, individual traders, international investors, commercial and central banks, as well as international financial organizations.

And you can to chooseReliable trading companies in Saudi ArabiaAnd follow-up on everything related to financial pairs through the Internet through specialized financial intermediaries and when the market is available, you can buy any currency however you like, and the forex markets work 24 hours for 5 days a week, starting from Monday morning until Friday evening, and trading is in the following markets: Australia, Europe and Asia New Zealand and the USA.

How to trade forex

There will be two operations: the main currency is on the left side, which is what is being bought or sold, and a secondary currency is on the right side, which is what the transaction is done with. There is what is called short-term buying, which is the process of buying and selling behind each other, and it is called determining the direction of the marketBull market and bear marketAs a trader, you can make a lot of profits if you have experience about the market and how to deal with the rising and falling market by striking the market movement, and trading in Forex is not guaranteed as it is very volatile.

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