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The evaluation and explanation of exness is one of the things that individuals are looking for to start working in the field of trading because this company is one of the best and most famous and trusted companies that work in this field and provides beginners with a range of services that help them achieve huge profits from working in the field of trading at the beginning and throughout the period Working in stock and forex trading because of her long and strong experience in the field over many years, and through the following paragraphs in this article, we will learn about everything related to forex trading with the global exness company, so that everyone who wants to trade on it knows in detail.

About Exness Company

This company was established in 2008 and since the company was launched and provided a variety of services related to trading to all its clients in more than one global market working in this field, and over these years the company has provided distinguished brokerage services in the world of forex until the number of those approved by this company To 1.3 million traders in all countries of the world, and these numbers are increasing with time. The company is distinguished by its commitment to all the conditions agreed upon with customers and companies so that both parties can achieve profits and support various important social and economic programs. Because of these advantages, customers are attracted to request reliable and affordable services to meet the needs of each customer.


When dealing with Exness, clients have a set of benefits and factors that make them achieve huge profits in this field, and these factors include the following:

  • Exness company is characterized by the ease and clarity of the process of browsing its official website in addition to converting currencies and reading the lists of publications with ease.
  • Fast news and economic calendar on its website is one of the important distinguishing factors that help traders to be familiar with everything new in the trading market.
  • The company has commission-free transactions that you can easily control and cancel commissions on renewed accounts and withdrawals for all types of payment.
  • Exness explained on the company’s official website. It has more than 22 official languages, in addition to 13 languages ​​for the company’s customer service.
  • The clients of the company can get leverage of 1:2000 and this ratio cannot be found in any other trading company.
  • One of the great advantages of working with Exness is that they provide access to advanced financial markets and instruments (such as exchanges and currency pairs) over the Internet.
  • The company offers the possibility to operate without the need to use high availability and the amount of profit is average for you and helps you to make daily trades.
  • The company does not allow speculative trading because the percentage of profits in this service is affected and is low, and a demo account can be created on the page with ease.
  • Exness is an intuitive and easy trading platform that can be operated from any phone via a mobile application to quickly see and control the value of their contracts.
  • Exness Customer Service is outstanding, available to customers 24 hours a day, at the highest efficiency and available in 13 different languages.

Financial assets provided by exness

Together, in the following paragraphs, we learn about the financial assets that have been provided by Exness to all of its clients, and these assets are represented in the following:

  • All beginners in the field of trading can count on more than 107 minor pairs in a single trading process.
  • In addition to providing trading services that help beginners to use 81 stocks and indices in the company’s trading operations.
  • If you want to work in metals trading with Exness, the asset value must be at least 12.
  • Also, the permissible percentage of cryptocurrency trading in the explanation of exness in the world is about 13 currencies.
  • In the event that you have a desire to inquire about the remaining values ​​of the assets available in the company, you can log on to its official website or contact customer service.

What is FBS?

The following is an introduction to FBS after we learned everything related to exness, and these points are as follows:

FBS is one of the global companies that provides distinguished services to be like a global broker between more than 150 countries until this time, and the number of individuals trading in this company has increased to 41,000 after it was 23,000,000 traders and partners relying on FBS services as a distinguished and preferred forex broker among many International companies, and FBS provides training seminars and special events for the company’s customer service offices, through which clients are familiarized with the training materials and important activities that help them increase their wealth in the field of trading and brokerage. Currencies or stocks commensurate with their trading skills and abilities.

Advantages of trading in fbs company


In the lines of this article, we have mentioned everything related to the explanation of exness and the wonderful services that this company provides for professional and novice traders, and through the following paragraphs, we will learn about the advantages of trading with FBS:

  • FBS offers a variety of trading and brokerage services for each client to choose the one that suits him according to the nature and reference of trading, as well as providing them with different types of modern trading accounts.
  • Islamic accounts that work in trading are one of the most important and prominent services that FBS provides to Muslim clients from all over the world in a way that does not contradict the teachings of Islam.
  • One of the wonderful services that this company is characterized by is the ability to test accounts in trading with fake profit rates starting from 10 thousand dollars.
  • The company is distinguished by providing a large number of training courses for the basics of trading and brokerage in the global financial markets.
  • In addition, the company organizes an endless number of events and parties, and the most famous international investors from all over the world are invited to these events.

Forex Market Types

Below we learn about the types of forex markets that all Exness clients can work in, and these types are as follows:

spot market

In this type of forex market, traders can exchange two or more types of currencies in a specified period of time from all parties so that trading operations take place as quickly as possible.

forward market

As for the second type of trading market, the parties agree to use a specific value of currencies, provided that an estimated price is determined between them in proportion to the buying and selling of shares. A set of dates can be used in this market.

forex future

The last type of forex market is used with the aim of selling a specific value of currencies at a price agreed upon by all traders when concluding purchase and sale contracts in it. This type is affected by foreign exchange rates and the strength of supply and demand on the rest of the global clients.

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