BD Swiss adds 9 new cryptocurrencies to its platform

In compliance with our policy of making investment and trading available to all, BD Suisse International – a leading provider of online forex and CFD trading and investment services, is pleased to announce the addition of 9 new cryptocurrencies to its list of cryptocurrency CFDs. company. Thus, the newly announced new coins are a good addition to the list of cryptocurrencies that BD Suisse provides to its customers, which includes many of the world’s famous and largest currencies by market capitalization against the dollar and the euro.

The addition of the cryptocurrency comes in response to the increasing demand from investors who trade in cryptocurrency CFDs on the BD Suisse platforms. The newly added coins include a number of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market that deal or are linked to the latest decentralized technologies including Metaverse, DApps, NFTs, DeFis, and smart contracts such as:

● Decentraland (MANAUSD): the popular Ethereum token that supports the virtual reality platform Decentraland.

● Quantum (QTUMUSD): A cryptocurrency that combines the security of the Bitcoin blockchain with the flexibility of Ethereum smart contracts

● Stellar (XLMUSD): a blockchain-enabled smart contract that primarily focuses on cross-border payments.

Polka Dot (DOTUSD): a multi-blockchain protocol based on the operation of data or asset transfers across the blockchain; This allows the blockchain platform to become more interoperable.

● Cardano (ADAUSD): A cryptocurrency powered by the Cardano Network – a flexible, sustainable and scalable blockchain platform to power smart contracts.

● Solana (SOLUSD): a high-performance blockchain currency that helps developers around the world design highly scalable crypto applications

● Axie Coin (AXSUSD): the governance token of the Axie Infinity gaming world

● GALA (GALAUSD): A blockchain-based currency that you can get by playing electronic games and that allows users to earn their GALA token for fulfilling in-game missions.

● Dogecoin (DOGEUSD): The most popular currency in the cryptocurrency market according to (Doge Internet meme) data

This brings the total number of cryptocurrencies offered by the company that are available for trading on BD Suisse and the company’s MetaTrader and applications to about 26 cryptocurrency pairs. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The offered cryptocurrency offers are only available through entities affiliated with BDS Markets and BDS Limited that operate outside the European Union.

BD Suisse provides its clients with all crypto-currency pairs for CFDs with unique features and the most competitive trading mechanisms and conditions; Allowing them to invest in the market 24/7, with 1:500 leverage and flexible contract sizes under $1 (depending on the underlying cryptocurrency). And also, the option to buy and sell in order to increase trading opportunities. To help traders navigate highly volatile crypto asset classes, BD Suisse offers its clients advanced live trading accounts with advanced charting tools and automated market scanning tools such as Autochartist and Trading Central that alert traders in real time with price trends and breakout/entry points. potential.

In his statement, Nicholas Chamtanis, CEO of BD Suisse, said, “Due to the increasing demand for cryptocurrencies and the high rate of investment in them, we are pleased to offer our clients an outstanding range of cryptocurrency pairs, as part of our absolute commitment to providing them with the best available trading experience equipped with mechanisms global investment tools. “We will make every effort to innovate more core financial services and assets in line with our customers’ needs and market requirements,” he added.

About BD Suisse: BD Suisse is a world-leading group of financial services comprising a number of approved corporate entities; It provides investment and CFD trading services to more than 1.5 million active clients registered in 180 countries around the world. Founded in 2012, BD Suisse continues to provide high quality trading products and services, in addition to providing a variety of global trading platforms. BD Suisse Group offers its clients the benefits of trading with competitive spreads and fast execution of more than 1000 major trading instruments; Including leading corporate stocks and ETFs and direct access to global financial markets. In addition to hundreds of CFDs; Including currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. BD Suisse Group operates according to a strict regulatory framework and operates its distinguished services at international standards based on the licenses and regulations of many different regulatory entities.

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