The most prominent investment companies on the Internet this year

Investing money via the Internet is one of the most common ways that help investors build their wealth and achieve their financial gains, starting from buying the shares of these companies for a small amount to selling them in large amounts. And the effort, and despite the diversity of these companies, the questions about the best of these companies prompted us to talk today, the most prominent of them.

The most prominent investment companies on the Internet

With technological development and technical innovation, many investment companies have emerged that allow investors to invest in their shares without significant financial risk. This technology is considered one of the most prominent achievements of modern technology for those who do not have time to work or for those with small capitals, and it is intended to invest money via the Internet by concluding an agreement A partnership between the company and the investor, and the agreement stipulates that the investor put his money on the company’s website and run it, and agree on a monthly or weekly profit rate. The most prominent of these companies are the following:

Amazon company

Amazon is one of the leading companies in the world of technology, as this company allows the possibility of investing through it and has been classified as one of the most important companies investing money over the Internet, in addition to the fact that the profit achieved from investing in it is a foregone conclusion after the company has proven its success in the field of e-commerce. This is inferred from the company’s ability to promote its products and the increasing rate of demand for it, and the company has succeeded in tightening its control over more than half of the online market, starting from the moment of its establishment to the present day.

Amazon offers its customers and investors a loyalty program called the Prime loyalty program, which provides fixed dates for the delivery of more than 15 million customers for the company’s products daily, and the company has a large customer base of up to 2 billion customers, so it is considered one of the most prominent investment companies on the Internet.

888 Holding Company

888 Holding Company was established in 1997, and it is one of the most prominent companies bearing a prestigious brand in the gambling industry all over the world, and the company enjoys the confidence of Arab and European investors, which made it one of the most prestigious companies in the field of investment, and the company launched many online casino sites The first was the online casino.

The 888 Holding Company entered the London Stock Exchange in 2005, and launched the first online gambling site registered under the 888 Casino brand, and it is the first casino in the world to have an official license from the United States, after which the company launched several other casinos, and in 2007 The company’s profits amounted to nearly $15 million after the company acquired a number of giant bingo sites. Investors interested in the gambling industry are rushing to buy the shares of the holding company at minuscule prices and sell them at very high prices after a short time, and there are many holding companies that provide investment services , and this field may seem thorny to some, but you can make more profits by investing in the shares of some distinguished companies, and for more, see the best online stocks to invest

NSFX Investment Company

One of the most prestigious companies in the world of investment via the Internet, and highlights the company’s field in the trading of forex, digital currencies, metals, and commodities, so the company was able to obtain a number of official licenses from European authorities, as well as the supervision of the British Financial Commission on the company, in addition to licenses Legal from Germany and Denmark, the company has succeeded in winning over many clients thanks to its reliability, financial and strategic strength.

The company ranked third as the best online investment company, and the company has a rating of 3.8 out of 5, and the company is distinguished by offering customers a variety of options for deposits and withdrawals of funds in accordance with European control laws.

Exness Investment Company

Many financial and economic investment experts advise investing in Exness, because the company offers many advantages to its permanent clients, represented in providing a huge package of various investment options, as well as providing a highly qualified team and experience in technical support and customer services to guide investors in the company in the best way to invest. And achieving profits, as the team provides directions, procedures and a detailed strategy on how to invest and responds to all customers’ questions around the clock, so it is considered one of the most prominent investment companies via the Internet in the world.

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OKTA Investment Company

OKTA allows its clients to invest their money through the company by promoting itself as one of the most prominent companies in the world of financial investment, and this helped it to move on the right path; To occupy a prominent position in the field of electronic sales, where the company provides its customers with high-standard technologies to limit the breaches of the privacy of customer data and personal information and protect their identities.

Betterment Investment Company

One of the best investment companies in the Middle East, and the company’s platform is easy and smooth, and it is considered one of the most prominent companies frequented by investors who do not have enough experience in the field of investment via the Internet, as the company offers customers many wonderful advantages, including: The possibility of creating a personal account According to the amount of money to be invested, in addition to the possibility of preparing the account according to the type of investment that investors want to start with, it is also characterized by providing the feature of continuous support and specifying investment instructions for clients with high efficiency and extensive experience.

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