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Forex programs help improve the investor’s trading results. These programs generally contain a financial market analysis system and charts for currency pairs, which helps traders monitor currency price trends and conduct better and more successful online trading. However, not all forex programs may suit you, so you have to look for the appropriate forex program for you and your trading so that it will benefit you. On this page, we show you the most powerful forex software, expert advisors and forex books to help you trade faster and better.

Traders should take note that some forex software is compatible with a limited number of platforms, while others can be used on every trading platform. We advise you to check out the best currency products to improve your trading experience now!

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We know Forex brokers, some offer better offers than others, but at the end of the day, they are all the same. This applies to signal providers, forex lessons, and automated trading programs as well. Currensee decided to deviate a little from the familiar with an industry that does not usually make good use of social tools, through a social network used for the first time in the Forex industry. Currensee’s online social trading platform offers traders the ability to see and contact their friends’ trades.

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Try practicing with the forex market simulator with FOREX Tester. Testing your strategies with this simulator will prepare you to trade with top traders in a way that saves you time and money! FOREX Tester gives you the opportunity to test your trading strategy against historical data in fake trades without putting real money at risk. It is equipped with built-in indicators or you can create your own and is a quick alternative to testing yourself in real time with forex demo accounts.

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You need a method that allows you to identify market movements and strategies that will allow you to make most of those movements. Jon Pearson has had a long history in the forex business that lasted nearly thirty years – as a broker, trader and mentor to traders. During this period, he was able to hone his trading skills using candlestick formations in conjunction with pivot points, developing a reliable methodology that will help you make the smartest trades with less risk.

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FOREX Conquered offers traders easy-to-learn strategies, which will help them make the best trades possible. In this new book, John Pearson fully explains the rules of successful trading and trading management. It provides readers with specific information on when to increase their lot size, how to manage risk, when to stop, and how to use automated trading software. He also explains how individual forex traders can build a “black box” (black box) forex system.

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TradeSmarter is one of the oldest online binary options trading brokers, affiliated with Market Punter Ltd. It is also a regulated binary options broker, and its parent company is licensed and bears the Australian Financial Service number. One of the smartest characteristics that we found during our evaluation of this broker, is that the company offers two views of its online based trading platform so that the trader can choose the format that suits them and which they think is easiest for them. Read our entire review to decide for yourself if it is the right binary options broker for you.

3.0/5 Company Rating

The FOREX Edge Tutorial provides you with unique tools that you can use to get the most out of the trading field. With these tools you will be able to identify individual structures and you will understand how your indicators are structured so you can set your expectations. You’ll find six detailed tools on the CD, one of them with the most extensive experience in the field and the other two being re-explanations of previous pointers that now represent new approaches.

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