Urgent… The release of US labor market data and a strong surprise for the markets!

labor market data

The data released today, Friday in the United States, showed positive US labor market data during last August and for the fifth month in a row, and the US economy added jobs more than expected, as the change in employment in the agricultural sector rose by 315,000 jobs, better than the market expectations that indicated that the index would rise By about 295 thousand jobs, but it is lower than the previous reading, which recorded about 528 thousand jobs last July, and it was adjusted to 526 thousand jobs.

On the other hand, the US unemployment rate rose to the level of 3.7% at the end of August, higher than the market expectations and the previous reading that the unemployment rate would stabilize at the level of 3.5% at the end of last July.

In addition, wage rates rose by 0.3%, less than the market expectations, which indicated an increase in the index by 0.4%. The previous reading had recorded a growth of 0.5% during last July.

US labor market data is the main monthly indicator that measures economic activity; It includes all the major economic sectors. This, and many other economic indicators depend on his data. The index data reflects the performance of the labor market as well as the rate of entry and production.

Here are the details of the US labor market data:

  • Employment in the business services sector rose by about 68 thousand jobs.
  • Employment in the healthcare sector increased by 48 thousand jobs.
  • Employment in the manufacturing sector increased by 22,000 jobs.
  • Employment in the retail sector rose by about 15 thousand jobs.
  • Employment in the financial services sector increased by about 17 thousand jobs.
  • Employment in the mining sector increased by about 6 thousand jobs.
  • Employment has not changed much in the construction sector, transportation, home services, the information sector, other sectors and government.

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