8 Features of Forex Trading – What do you want to know?

The forex market (the foreign exchange market) is one of the largest markets in the world, with a daily trading volume of 6 trillion US dollars, characterized by liquidity and permanent market movement. With every second, the prices of foreign currencies, which number about 180 legal foreign currencies, change. The forex market also offers thousands of financial instruments from stocks, precious and vital commodities, bonds and digital currencies to be the largest financial market in the world at all.

The forex market trades currencies, as the principle of trading one currency against another currency, such as trading the dollar against the euro or against any Arab currency. price, the process of buying and selling, and the difference between the trading opening and closing price.

Let’s get acquainted with me, here are 8 advantages of forex trading:

Market open 24 hours

The forex market is open 24 hours a day all over the world, covering all geographical time gaps of the regions. The international range of currency trading means that there are always traders around the world trading a particular currency pair.

No commissions

The forex market has no clearing fees, exchange fees, government fees, or brokerage fees. Most forex brokers profit for their services through the so-called “spread” which is a very small percentage per transaction.

Trade from anywhere in the world

Forex can be traded on any mobile device or from your phone anywhere in the world and as you wish, the most important thing is to download a smart trading platform to update you on the latest prices and help you develop an electronic automated strategy that executes orders even when you are traveling or sleeping.

positive volatility

The forex market is characterized by volatility, as when the price of a currency or any financial instrument decreases, there are great opportunities to trade from the bottom and then sell during the return of the rise, and this is usually famous, for example, for the US dollar, gold and silver and for vital stocks such as oil, gas, wheat and digital currencies..

Huge liquidity

Forex is linked to huge entities pumping billions of dollars on a daily basis between buying and selling operations carried out by central banks, private banks, vital and defense institutions, travel agencies and individual traders. The forex market is always liquid even in economic crises, as the price of any financial performance decreases here and rises there in another financial instrument, being a supply and demand market.

diversification and hedging

Forex has a wide market of hundreds of currencies, stocks, bonds and digital currencies, which numbered three currencies, and others. This wide range of financial products allows you to diversify your investment, for example, you can trade in gold, currencies and commodities at the same time, so that you do not lose your capital in one product. The smart trading platform offers all financial instruments, and you can program the platform with electronic orders at any price you wish, buying and selling operations, and continuing or stopping the transaction.

Forex is a decentralized market

The forex market injects enough liquidity that manipulation of volatility by any one entity is impossible during the active trading hours of the major currencies. The foreign exchange market is so huge and plays in it so many participants both individuals, companies and large institutions that no single entity, not even a central bank, can control the market rate for a long period of time.

Independence and freedom to work

Forex gives independence and freedom to work, whether on a personal level or for private companies. It is a unique opportunity, for businessmen who prefer to work on their own account, as well as, opens horizons about learning the dynamics of markets, micro and macroeconomics, geopolitical and economic influences, among others.

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