How to buy shares in the American Stock Exchange – Egypt brief

How to Buy Stocks on the American Stock Exchange The American Stock Exchange is the most daily variable source of profit and loss compared to other stock exchanges.

So we will explain how to buy stocks on the American stock exchange and in 2018 by “promoting” the best stocks on the American stock exchange for trading and investing.

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American Stock Exchange

The American Stock Exchange is one of the largest and most powerful global exchanges and is one of the most variable sources of money in the world as it rises and falls every day.

So it is a great opportunity to trade on the stock exchange and make huge profits, and knowing how to buy shares on the American stock exchange is not difficult.

This is done through a broker to trade in the American stock market, and to start trading you need to open your own account in one of the global and trusted trading companies and buy shares on the American stock exchange safely and legally.

How to buy shares on the American Stock Exchange

Stock trading on the American Stock Exchange will be through a broker and we will talk about the most important global trading companies as follows:

  • Xm International Company

It is considered the best company to buy and trade shares and the most secure company for funds, because it is a former, global and giant trading broker.

It is a company licensed by the Australian Government and the British Government and is subject to very strict financial control as it is one of the safest companies for funds.

Investing can be done by opening an account on the company’s website, activating the account, transferring capital and starting trading immediately.

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  • UFX Trading Company

A leading forex company, established in 2007, the company was audited by mifid in the European Union in 2011.

In 2013, it was recognized by the World Financial Services Commission, headquartered in Belize, under international standards of reliability, money guarantee and consumer protection.

It is a forex brokerage company whose job is to offer different contracts and find trading solutions to investors from all over the world. operates major capital markets and is an investment firm authorized by Cysec under license number 14/227.

It is also authorized under the Market Directive on mifid financial instruments and is also registered with official European Economic Area institutions.

The company is Safacap Investment Ltd. , a statutory financial services firm licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license 08/092. managed by.

It is also authorized by the South African Financial Services Board with number 43906 and the company is also authorized by STA.

Best American Stock Exchange for Trade and Investment of 2018

We will make a list of the best American stocks to invest as follows:

  • united health group share

It’s a healthcare company and it performed stellar the year prior, with inventory growth of 24% in the third quarter.

It is a company that specializes in courier and shipping.

  • cisco cisco company

It is a company specializing in the computer industry and programming and is one of the best investment stocks in America.

Like Cisco, it specializes in the computer industry and is one of the best trading stocks.

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  • Twitter Inc. Twitter Stock

It is the most popular social media company, and therefore the number one company in American business.

  • Amazon stock com

It is the largest online store in the world.

  • Microsoft stock Microsoft

It is the largest programming giant and the best operating system in the world, so it is an ideal choice for investing in the US stock market.

It is an e-commerce company in America.

  • Claudera Securities Company

It is also a company specializing in programming and its derivatives.

  • NetflixClouder Corporation Stock

It is a major entertainment company in the United States that specializes in broadcasting Internet TV and TV lines.

At the end of our topic on how to buy shares on the American stock exchange, it is necessary to choose companies that will guarantee the success rate of their shares and get the highest profit from them.

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