My news site: Trade in forex through the best trading companies in the UAE today!

Tell me – In a way, forex trading – forex trading, can be considered one of the most popular forms of trade recently, and this was helped by the fact that forex trading is through the most prominent trading companies in the UAE that are legally licensed and trusted, where the trading companies obtain their license from many parties The most important of them are the Abu Dhabi Financial Market and the Dubai Financial Services Authority. It should be noted here the necessity of having an effective bank account with each trader; In order to transfer profits and deposits through it to and from the trading portfolio, as for choosing the best forex trading company, you can choose from the following as it is one of the most famous companies in the UAE:

It was established in 2017, but it has achieved wide fame due to the many advantages it provides to traders, such as low commissions imposed on transactions, and providing a different set of support services. On one of the most famous trading platforms around the world, MT5, it provides good opportunities to invest in forex trading, and it also provides the option of an Islamic trading account, which is one of the main requirements for a large number of Arab and Muslim traders in the UAE.

This company is characterized by obtaining licenses from the most prominent regulatory bodies in the world, such as, FSA, FSCA, ASIC, ADGM, and it is officially represented in many headquarters in major countries, such as Italy, Japan, Australia, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, and allows Tadawul investors Currencies in the UAE Customers can trade through Islamic accounts that are free of overnight fees, and provide them with a variety of options from the types of real accounts, to choose what suits their level of experience and requirements, and the expected investment size.


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