The State of the Comfortable (formerly Al-Saad and Al-Rayyan)

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I thought the Alexandrians, myself among them, were the most aware of all the inhabitants of the earth, until the security services managed to apprehend a person for seizing 7.5 million pounds from the citizens of Alexandria under the pretext of employing them for profits.
Where the aforementioned practiced fraudulent activity in the field of defrauding and defrauding citizens and seizing their money by claiming that it was used for them in the field of livestock trade, which enabled him to seize sums of money amounting to (7.5 million pounds) and stop paying the principal amounts and profits agreed upon. Other victims did not come forward to report hoping to get the profits or get their money back.
Here are the addresses of the failed, unsuccessful response: A new draft law in Parliament to address the phenomenon of “the restless” Tuesday 05/24/2022, where Representative Duaa Oreibi, a member of the House of Representatives representing the Coordination of Youth Parties and Politicians, submitted a draft law to amend some provisions of Penal Code No. 58 of 1937 amended to confront the phenomenon The spread of defrauding citizens, the seizure of their money and theft, and the spread of the phenomenon of quackery and acts of magic and sorcery.
An economist who says about the phenomenon of those who are comfortable: Wherever you find greed, you will find a “comfortable”: Wherever you find greed, you will find a “comfortable” Monday 05/23/2022 The article of Dr. There will be a resting place,” stressing that the two, one of them feeding on the other, describing the person who resorts to the resting place as “sick of greed.” He does not go to the official banks of the state and banks that give 18% interest, then he goes to other parties.
And a security expert: The Ministry of the Interior calls on citizens to deal with the official authorities of the state, the phenomenon of the resting.. A security expert: The Ministry of the Interior calls on citizens to deal with the official authorities of the stateMonday 05/23/2022 Article by Major General Ashraf Amin, the security expert, commenting on the phenomenon of the resting, that the Ministry of Interior has no role In concealing such incidents except by apprehending the perpetrators, stressing that the main role of the media and Al-Azhar is to produce serials and dramas that warn of such incidents and such people, and to organize religious sermons to educate citizens of the sanctity of
One day, a man named Muhammad al-Iraqi wrote about a “swindler” who bought a “donkey” and stuffed its ass with gold by force and took it to the market in the village. When the donkey brayed, gold money fell from its ass and people gathered.
The fraudster told them, “Every time he brays, gold comes out.” Negotiations began to “sell the donkey,” and the chief merchant bought it for a fictitious sum and took it home. he answers.
People were surprised, but when they saw the fraudster, he arrived with a dog that was an exact copy of the dog that came out. They forgot why they were coming and started negotiations to “buy the dog.” One of the country’s merchants bought it and returned it to his wife. Take this dog because if you need me and I am not here, you can send me the dog, and I sent his wife. The dog once and he or the dog is no longer.
They also knew that he had defrauded them again, so they gathered each other and went to the house of the fraudster, and as usual, his wife told them he was not there, and there was no dog that he was answering, so they waited for him. The fraudster returned and found people waiting, so they understood the predicament. He shouted at his wife, “Why did you not offer the duty of hospitality?” He pulled a knife out of his pocket and stuck it in his wife’s heart, and she was I put a bag of red dye that looked like blood, and the knife looked like plastic. I just pierced the dye bag.
People went crazy and said why do you do this and kill your wife? He told them that she was bothering him a lot, and when she killed her, she came back to life again, and he took out a flute from his pocket and sat beeping until his wife got up.
The crowd forgot why they were coming and started negotiations with him to “buy the flute,” and he actually sold it to a big merchant at a fabulous price.
This merchant returned home and found his wife chattering. He turned the knife and stuck it in her heart, and she fell. Then our friend took out the flute and sat honking, but his wife didn’t stop honking and honking, and there was no use. His wife died, which means she died.
The second day one of the merchants met him and asked him about the news of the flute?
Of course, our friend was afraid to say that he had killed his wife, so he told him this matter is 100% true.
– Ok, can I borrow it from you, my friend?
= Brother, don’t be fooled, go ahead.
Our second friend had the same dialogue with his wife and took out the knife and killed her
The news spread in the country, one after another, and when the number increased, people gathered and said to go to the fraudster, and decided to throw him into the sea. They went to his house, put him in a bag, tied him up, and traveled to the sea. A shepherd heard him calling for help to untie the bag, and asked him:
– What happened ?
= He told him that these are his family and Egyptians. He is marrying the daughter of a sheikh and a senior merchant, but I love my cousin’s daughter and I do not want to marry the rich girl. The shepherd said to him:
– Shall I marry her?
= It’s okay for you.
The shepherd put the sheep in his bag, tied it, took all the sheep, and returned to the village with 300 sheep.
– The people of the village took the tied bag and threw it into the sea, and when they returned to the village, they found the fraudster fine, and with him 300 sheep. much.
People believed the news, gathered and went out to the sea, entered the depths, threw themselves, and they all died.
The swindler now owns the village and all the stupid people are dead.
to cut:
In the late seventies and early eighties of the last century, many companies were famous for employing money, including Al-Huda, Al-Sharif, Al-Rayyan and Al-Saad, who recently returned after a quarter of a century. And the media, and in secret they were supported by some of the senior officials, politicians, ministers and undersecretaries of ministries. It was only natural for the Egyptians to race to give “Naughty Age” to these companies, because of all this media momentum and the double profit, which ranged between 25% and 30%.
However, it soon revealed the true face of those companies, which squandered the money of depositors, either for losses in speculation abroad, or for spending lavishly, “the Al-Rayyan family alone owned more than 20 Mercedes cars,” or as a result of lack of experience with the assets of industry and commerce, which they managed with huge sums, they did not You are originally in their mind.
Al-Rayyan has already lost two hundred million dollars in silver speculation on the London Stock Exchange and hundreds of depositors went to recover their deposits from the company, and Al-Rayyan held a general meeting for depositors in its warehouses on the desert road, attended by the late preacher Abd al-Sabour Shaheen, the imam and preacher of the Amr Ibn al-Aas mosque and a member of the board of directors of Al-Rayyan companies to invest money and witness The depositors stored the quantities of iron and wood, and Abdul Sabour Shaheen told them, “Whoever wants his money, the company is ready to return it immediately, and the exchange began, but most of the depositors retreated and asked to keep their sukuk deposits, and they fell into the trap because of the greed for double profit, and they did not know that it was from the money of the new depositors.”
It was a major deception, and there was laxity from many quarters regarding these companies. In a report before the Legislative Committee of the People’s Assembly, it was found that the 38 companies that were with the Socialist General Prosecutor, none of them achieved profits of more than 2 percent. The report wondered how it was possible for these companies that they were achieving and paying profits between 20 and 24 percent to depositors, unless they were taking money from here and putting it there.
In September 1989, Ahmed Al-Rayyan’s file was opened. Where the government discovered that the depositors’ money turned into a mirage after they handed over their money to the Al-Rayyan family, who risked it in the global stock exchanges, and transferred a large part of it to the United States and foreign banks, and what was transferred according to the officially announced figures revealed by the Socialist Prosecutor General amounted to 3 billion and 280 One million pounds, and that there are officials, clerics and media professionals who have contributed to the smuggling of this money in return for obtaining what was called at the time “blessing statements” under the clause of facilitating and clearing the interests of companies investing money in government institutions.
Despite the passage of decades since the largest deception in the name of Islamic money-employment companies, the news of the arrest of the owner of a money-employment company, on charges of defrauding citizens, has become a common occurrence in Egypt. It is not surprising, and only the victims themselves stop before it.
With each case, a series of questions are renewed about the reasons for falling into the “trap” of these companies.
A few years ago, the case of Ahmed Mustafa Ibrahim Mohamed, known as “Al-Mustareeh”, exploded, and he was accused of seizing more than two billion pounds from many citizens, claiming to use them in huge projects, in exchange for giving them 12% interest, before he faltered in paying the interest and refused to pay the principal amount. like that.
After that, the name “Al-Mustareeh” was given to more than one quorum, including Ahmed A.A. (owner of a financial consulting company), who collected 70 million dollars from citizens, claiming to invest in the field of speculation on the prices of foreign currencies and minerals on global stock exchanges, in what is known as the “Forex” system in exchange for Agreed profits, and his refusal to pay profits or principal amounts, in violation of the provisions of the law.
For all of this, we know that “the fault is not in Al-Saad or Al-Rayyan,” but rather in those who believe every time “the sheikhs of Fattah and Al-Sabobah.
“The Emperors of Laughter on the Rings”… A title from “Al-Bawaba News” in which we monitor the facts of defrauding citizens under another title “The State of the Comfortable”.. The phenomenon of fraud by investing money grows after the “Upper Line” in 2015.. The most fraudulent money-employment companies.. Economist: Desire for quick profit is the reason for its spread ..
The spread of the phenomenon of defrauding citizens in Sohag.. Collective complaints against money employees.. 15 million and 555 thousand pounds, the official outcome.. The spread of the phenomenon of defrauding citizens in Sohag.. Collective complaints against money employees.. 15 million and 555 thousand pounds, the official outcome.. The “relaxing little” overpowered the adults..and the “mobile phone” caught them in the trap of combating money crimes Monday 01/06/2015 Taking advantage of the desire of some weak-minded people who want to get rich quickly, scams have recently spread under the guise of investing money, and with promises to provide interest higher than determined by the banks, many citizens fell victim…
The Egyptians continue to buy the Trauma.. 15 rest houses throughout the Republic, the first of them in Qena and the last of them in Beni Suef.. They seized hundreds of millions of citizens under the pretext of employing them.. The dream of profit without trouble ravages the money of the greedy Egyptians continue to buy the Trauma.. 15 rest houses throughout the Republic, the first of them in Qena And the last of them is in Beni Suef..they seized hundreds of millions of citizens under the pretext of employing them..and the dream of profit without trouble ravages the money of the greedy Sunday 05/31/2015 after the appearance of Ahmed Mustafa Ibrahim, known in the media as “Al-Mustarih”, the rest of the people continued to appear, as if a contract had broken and its grains were scattered throughout the governorates, where it appeared Approximately 15 resting places in 12 governorates. Qena was the beginning.
As for Aswan, there is nothing wrong with it. Come next to your sisters in the line, even if your line is long, long, and the prosecution is still trapped in tens of resting people and thousands of victims.
O sitting, the evil of those in comfort is sufficient for you, O sitting, the evil of those in comfort is enough for you. In the nest or did it fly? ! The answer is at first, if they were not comfortable!!!!

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