Trading between supporters and opponents

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The concept of profit has become multi-vision at the present time, and this is due to the fact that trade of all kinds has developed rapidly over the past few years, keeping pace with the tremendous technological progress that our world is witnessing today. Among the most prominent achievements that we can note is the emergence of a new type of trade, which is known as electronic commerce. Yes, it has become possible to achieve significant income through economic practices that take place via the Internet, among the most prominent of which is what is known as the concept of trading. In this article, we will discuss a simple explanation of this new term, and we will monitor the different points of view on it, between supporters and opponents.

Trading what is meant by it?

Trading is the act of trading, i.e. re-taking something again. This same definition has been employed in the field of electronic commerce, taking into account its characteristics and advantages. Trading in general is a process through which an asset is purchased and exchanged for another of equal value. Many factors intervene in determining this value, such as the nature of the market and the difference between supply and demand. A trader is a person who studies these changes closely so that he can seize the appropriate period that enables him to sell the asset for a profitable amount. The trader also takes advantage of the period of high demand to buy the asset at competitive prices, which quickly begin to rise. So, in short, this type of trade is based mainly on the concept of market curves.

What is forex?

Forex is included in the group of electronic commercial exchanges. But the latter deals especially in the field of foreign currencies, as it is closely linked to the global stock exchanges and the daily determination of the values ​​of these currencies. Many parties, such as banks of all kinds, for example, or even people, dispose of these currencies, taking into account the market and the resulting supply and demand. The forex system is based on defining a pair of currencies in which it will deal, either by buying or selling, and then it begins to enter trading orders. After this is done, this party follows up the developments of the deal that it made through a curve that draws directly and the emergence of shares that it learned either by winning this deal or losing it.

Is trading in general halal or haram?

Many people wonder about permissibility Commodity trading Or not, and that is due to the great conflict between opinions and between supporters and opponents. As some people see that trading is a form of the modern economy that is based on the pillar of electronic commerce, which has become very important at the present time compared to the traditional form of trade. In addition, profit margins in trading and forex may exceed people’s expectations to a greater extent. Yes, the lives of many traders across different regions of the world have changed radically when they began to practice these commercial exchanges, which encouraged the rest to take part in this adventure in order to get out of the financial crises they suffer from or to rise in the social classes and enter the world of the rich.

On the other hand, however, a large number of religious scholars have warned against yielding to self-lust for money and quick gain. Considering trading and forex as a kind of gambling due to the lack of realistic indications about the nature of market changes. That is why scholars and muftis found a similarity between traditional gambling and forex. In addition, most of the banks that trade are based on usurious interest, which is known to be forbidden in the Islamic religion. There is a small group of scholars who see the permissibility of forex, basing this on the example of trading in money, which was practiced since ancient times, as it was permissible. Between this and that, and between a supporter and an opponent, the trading decision remains a personal decision for the person on an individual basis, which is consistent with his religious and worldly convictions, but there is no doubt that trading is not an easy thing that a person tolerates because it is possible to lose all his money in one deal He bets on it with all his money. In this case, he must be careful and careful.


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