Major currency pairs in the forex market

(MENAFN- Al Wakeel News) News Agent – The forex market is a place where all currencies are traded. However, the volume of trade made in different currencies is very different.Thus, even though there are hundreds of currencies in the world, about two-thirds of the whopping $4 trillion forex volume is transacted in just 4 currency … Read more

The basics of trading in the currency market and the most important markets in which trading is conducted – Egypt Brief

The basics of trading in the foreign exchange market, trading in the market takes place through the trading of securities through large companies, where shares are bought at a low price and then sold at a higher price, and thus profits are achieved and the trading market includes many financial markets, but traders can only … Read more

What is the ruling on currency trading online?

What is the ruling on currency trading online? Circulation via the Internet has many forms: some of them are permissible and others are prohibited. It is necessary to first know the details of each image and then judge it, as judging a thing is a branch of its perception, and it is not possible to … Read more

Learn about the currency market and the stock market and what is the difference between them

The goal of any type of trading is to make as much money as possible. When looking for an asset to trade, traders often do not give enough thought to choosing the right asset that represents the best profit opportunity. Understanding no they prefer in the form of Adequate What if It was trade stock … Read more