The causes of the dollar crisis and how to get out

The first steps of the dollar crisis begin with the beginning of the US Federal Reserve‚Äôs move to move the US interest rate, which led to the exit of foreign investments from Egypt, and the decision of the Egyptian Minister of Finance to impose capital taxes on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, which contributed to the … Read more

Urgent: The dollar is rising strongly with the Federal Reserve… and the fall of Wall Street and gold

The expectations of the American retail trade giant “Wal-Mart”, coinciding with the dollar’s rise, which awaits a decisive decision by the Federal Reserve within the next hours, reflected on the performance of gold and Wall Street shares in the pre-trading period on Tuesday. The futures indices of the US markets fell during these moments of … Read more

The rise in the price of the dollar today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 in Egypt, in all banks

The price of the dollar rose today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 in Egypt in all banks and various exchange companies with the beginning of daily transactions in the money market, where the price of the dollar today came by 3 piasters over the price of yesterday, Tuesday, with an increase in withdrawal rates on the … Read more

Foreign exchange rates .. the US dollar rises to its highest level in 20 years against the yen

Foreign exchange rates fell against the greenback on Tuesday, with the US dollar climbing to a two-week high as rising US Treasury yields boosted the dollar, pushing the Japanese yen to its lowest level against the dollar in two decades. Foreign exchange rates today, Tuesday, 7-6-2022 yen The yen fell to a 20-year low of … Read more

Will the war in Ukraine remove the US dollar from its throne in favor of the Chinese yuan?

  The Russian invasion of Ukraine exposed the imbalance in the global financial system. After the West targeted the assets of the Russian Central Bank and froze about $300 billion out of $640 billion of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves, Russia was left with only some gold and Chinese renminbi assets. The US dollar … Read more