Major currency pairs in the forex market

(MENAFN- Al Wakeel News) News Agent – The forex market is a place where all currencies are traded. However, the volume of trade made in different currencies is very different.Thus, even though there are hundreds of currencies in the world, about two-thirds of the whopping $4 trillion forex volume is transacted in just 4 currency … Read more

The basics of trading in the currency market and the most important markets in which trading is conducted – Egypt Brief

The basics of trading in the foreign exchange market, trading in the market takes place through the trading of securities through large companies, where shares are bought at a low price and then sold at a higher price, and thus profits are achieved and the trading market includes many financial markets, but traders can only … Read more

forex trading; 7 important facts about the forex market | index

Table of contents Forex trading is known to be the most common type of trading among speculators in the financial markets on a daily basis, looking for profit opportunities through trading the foreign exchange market. Trading in foreign currencies or what is called the foreign exchange market – Forex is speculation on currency pairs and … Read more

Urgent… The release of US labor market data and a strong surprise for the markets!

labor market data The data released today, Friday in the United States, showed positive US labor market data during last August and for the fifth month in a row, and the US economy added jobs more than expected, as the change in employment in the agricultural sector rose by 315,000 jobs, better than the market … Read more

The advantages of the trading market in the Kingdom and the most important tools

  Muhammad bin Masoud – Dammam – Forex is one of the financial markets globally because it has great liquidity and the average volume of trading in it has reached 5 trillion dollars per day, and it is known that there are many types of trade, and every person trades in a certain thing whether … Read more

The fact that 1000 goods were prevented from entering the Egyptian market

In early March, the Ministry of Trade and Industry issued a decision to amend some provisions and provisions of Ministerial Resolution No. 43 of 2016 regarding the amendment of the rules regulating the registration of factories qualified to export their products to Egypt. The ministerial decision states that it is not permissible to release these … Read more

Learn about the currency market and the stock market and what is the difference between them

The goal of any type of trading is to make as much money as possible. When looking for an asset to trade, traders often do not give enough thought to choosing the right asset that represents the best profit opportunity. Understanding no they prefer in the form of Adequate What if It was trade stock … Read more