The rise in the price of the dollar today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 in Egypt, in all banks

The price of the dollar rose today, Wednesday, June 15, 2022 in Egypt in all banks and various exchange companies with the beginning of daily transactions in the money market, where the price of the dollar today came by 3 piasters over the price of yesterday, Tuesday, with an increase in withdrawal rates on the … Read more

Oil rises to its highest level in two months .. Will it continue to rise?

oil Crude oil futures prices rose during trading on Monday, reaching their highest levels in more than two months, as markets awaited the upcoming European Union talks to see whether it would reach an agreement on banning Russian oil imports.. Oil prices today In terms of oil trading, Brent crude futures for July delivery rose … Read more

Putin inspires the rise of the ruble against the US dollar..and stocks benefit from the gas saga

The Russian ruble rose again above 84 against the dollar on Thursday, and Russian stocks rose as some limits on short selling were lifted, with the market focused on what it would mean for Moscow to demand that its gas exports be paid for in rubles. By 07:38 GMT, the ruble was 1.6% stronger against … Read more