Venezuelans, Russians Accused of Using Crypto to Facilitate Trade in Oil and Military Technology by Crypto Horizon

© Reuters. Two Venezuelans and 5 Russians accused of using cryptocurrency to facilitate trade in oil and military technology Today, the United States announced the removal of a Russian-Venezuelan network that was using Tether (USDT) to trade outside the traditional banking structure, thus evading international sanctions. One of the most discussed geopolitical scenarios for cryptocurrencies … Read more

General security for forex companies: their guarantees and illusions

The PSD warned against dealing with unlicensed forex companies; Since there are no guarantees to preserve the rights of traders. “Unlicensed forex, their guarantees are illusion,” the directorate said in a tweet. Encircling the forex activity In the previous April, the Commerce Department issued a stern warning about dealing with unlicensed forex firms. And she … Read more