Urgent: A 50-cent coin is skyrocketing thanks to $200 shoes

One of the promising and cheap digital money rushed to record insane heights, during which it succeeded in topping the list of the 100 largest digital currencies in terms of market value. And while the cryptocurrency market is undergoing a violent wave of violent declines, in light of the concerns of the US Federal Reserve, … Read more

Urgent… The release of US labor market data and a strong surprise for the markets!

labor market data The data released today, Friday in the United States, showed positive US labor market data during last August and for the fifth month in a row, and the US economy added jobs more than expected, as the change in employment in the agricultural sector rose by 315,000 jobs, better than the market … Read more

Urgent: The statements of the President of OPEC ignite the markets .. Iran, Russia, China and the current danger

OPEC Amid news of a solution soon to revive the Iran nuclear deal, the OPEC chief said the oil market can comfortably absorb the additional Iranian supplies While Haitham Al-Ghais says Chinese consumption concerns are exaggerated, while the OPEC president sees rising oil pressure risks amid bullish demand Urgent: The world’s fastest growing highest in … Read more

Urgent: Apple in Saudi Arabia .. Important news and huge deals

Within the framework of the expansion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its attraction of global investments and major international companies, the Kingdom succeeded in attracting the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world to the logistics zone at King Khalid Airport, and announced the signing of 49 investment deals worth more than 925 … Read more

Urgent: Inflation is close to 100% in Turkey, the most violent wave in 24 years

According to the data prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, inflation in Istanbul rose to 99.11%. This level was recorded as the highest inflation rate since 1998. Inflation rate in Istanbul has not slowed down yet Inflation, which rose by 4.03% month-on-month in June, rose by 4.09% in July. Healthcare and personal expenses saw … Read more

Urgent: The dollar is rising strongly with the Federal Reserve… and the fall of Wall Street and gold

The expectations of the American retail trade giant “Wal-Mart”, coinciding with the dollar’s rise, which awaits a decisive decision by the Federal Reserve within the next hours, reflected on the performance of gold and Wall Street shares in the pre-trading period on Tuesday. The futures indices of the US markets fell during these moments of … Read more

Urgent: The Egyptian pound is falling again.. despite positive data that gives it strength

The Egyptian pound fell again in early trading, today, Monday, to take a new step towards the levels of 19 pounds to the dollar, achieving its lowest level ever. The decline of the pound came in conjunction with positive news from the Suez Canal, which is one of the most important sources of foreign income … Read more

Urgent: Egypt takes a very important decision.. “a loaf of bread”

A statement issued by the government said that in light of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s assignments, the President of the Republic, to study the cost of producing an unsubsidized free loaf of bread as well as its pricing. Within the framework of the state’s keenness to address the unjustified increases in its prices, the Council of … Read more